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18 May, 2012

Links to the week’s top bike news.

Local News

Melbourne CBD to get 40kmph speed limit

Signs point to lower speed limits introduced across Melbourne. The CBD will lead the charge, lowering the speed on inner city roads to 40km/h by the middle of 2013.

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Cycling’s door zone of death

Dooring is one of the biggest dangers faced by bike riders. Where is it safest and legal to ride to avoid being hit?

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Are Sydney’s bikeways on the right path?

Over the past two years the number of bike trips in Sydney has increased by 82%, but more infrastructure is needed for the city to keep numbers on the rise.

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Los Angeles to launch bike share program

Following in New York’s footsteps LA plans to launch a bike share scheme with a fleet of 4,000 bikes docked at 400 kiosks across the city later this year.

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Lies, damn lies, and statistics about red light jumping

Bike riders have been given a bad name in the UK press this week, with claims that 57% admit to running red lights. However, The Guardian reveals the stories are based on shocking false research.

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New report: Women under represented on bike/ped advisory committees

University study investigates the role of women in infrastructure advocacy and planning.

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Electric bikes: it’s not cheating, it’s transport

Guy Wheeler chats with the London Cyclist about the benefits of E-bikes and why they’re the perfect replacement for a car.

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