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28 May, 2014

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Wednesday.

Local news

tonyPlease, Tony!

Bicycle Network are asking Prime Minister Tony Abbott to spend $7.5b to build 7,500km of new bike infrastructure in Australian towns and cities, and they need your support.

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Velo-city off and rolling

Bicycle Network CEO Craig Richards is in Adelaide for Velo-city Global 2014 this week. The conference brings together top bike and urban planning experts from around the world to discuss strategies for making cities more bike-friendly. Check out Craig’s report from Day 1.

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Be aware and share

Adelaide City Council are encouraging bike riders, pedestrians and motorists to “get the full picture and consider what is happening around you whenever you are out and about in Adelaide.” They believe “watching  out for the people near you, no matter how they are travelling, is not only courteous but will keep everybody using the city safer.” Check out the council’s short and simple videos and remember to consider the bigger picture when you’re out and about.

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Warburton raring to blaze the trail

Victoria’s Yarra Ranges Council is calling for public comment on a proposal to build a world-class mountain bike hub in the Warburton area. The Hub, which would offer 97km of trails, has the support of Yarra Ranges City Council, Parks Victoria, the Department of Primary Industries, Yarra Ranges Mountain Bikers, Warburton CEDA and the Warburton Advancement League. If it gets the green light, it is expected to attract up to 130,000 visitors a year and create 175 jobs.

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International news

ikeabikeIKEA saddles up

DIY furniture giant IKEA is joining the two-wheeled revolution with two of its Austrian stores now offering e-bikes. If sales are strong, we may soon see IKEA e-bikes headed to Australia.

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Petition against bike theft

In an attempt to reduce bike theft, US bike bike riders are petitioning Craigslist and eBay to require sellers to list bike serial numbers. As each bike has a unique serial number this would deter thieves and  make it easier to identify stolen bikes being sold online.

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SedentaryVsExerciseBenefits of regular exercise

Two-thirds of Australians are considered inactive. But regular exercise isn’t just about being fit. Check out this simple infographic for just some of the many benefits of physical activity.

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To beard or not to beard

Do bushy whiskers help or hinder your ride?


Upcoming events


dotdotdot Now – 30 May Velo-fringe SA, Adelaide
dotdotdot Now – 30 May Velo-city Global 2014 SA, Adelaide
dotdotdot 1 June Come and try recumbent day VIC, St Kilda


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