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21 May, 2014

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Wednesday.

Local news

melb bike planAmbitious plan for separated city routes unveiled

Inner Melbourne is set to be connected by a network of high quality, separated bike routes, according to Plan Melbourne, the Victorian State Government’s new strategy for the development of the metropolis.

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ACT paves the way for new road laws

Th ACT is on its way to passing new state legislation designed to protect what it terms ‘vulnerable road users’, including bike riders and motorcyclists. Under the legislation, motorists could face increased penalties, loss of their licence and gaol time for specific offences that endanger vulnerable road users. The legislation, which is the first of its kind in Australia, has been met with support from bike advocacy groups. Pedal Power ACT executive officer John Armstrong said,  ”It is one of the multi-pronged elements that is required in order to gain effective road safety for vulnerable road users, including those who ride their bikes on the road.” 

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Shepherd Bridge fix announced

Used by 1,100 cyclists daily, the notorious Shepherd Bridge across the Maribyrnong River in Footscray—one of the scariest stretches of bike path in Melbourne—will be upgraded with a new (and wider) path across the bridge span.

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Construction disruption

Brisbane’s City Council is conducting maintenance on the City Reach Boardwalk between 145-175 Eagle Street. Riders will need to follow the signed detour route until the new and improved boardwalk reopens in August.

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International news

1400156645352-wuul3tvtwczn-500-70Is this the most compact folding bike yet?

Developers of the new Bike Intermodal believe they’ve created one of the most compact folding bikes yet. The Bike Intermodal is made from magnesium and aluminium, weighs just 7.5kg and folds down to 50x40x15cm. We’d be interested to see how a bike that uses grade cables in its frame design rides, but the bike’s developers are confident the design will allow for easier transport and storage and, consequently, see more inner-city dwellers convert to life on two wheels.

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Riders roll on London

Last weekend more than 5,000 bike riders took to the streets of London for the Space for Cycling Big Ride. The ride, organised by the London Cycling Campaign, was a plea for better conditions for bike riders on UK roads, ahead of local government elections this week. Similar rides were held in major cities across England, and so far more than 2,500 election candidates have agreed to improve conditions for riders, if elected.

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World’s fastest bike set to roll in 2015

It may look more like a pharmaceutical pill than a bike, but this two-wheeled speed machine, designed by students at the University of Liverpool, is tipped to break the world speed record for human powered vehicles in 2015.  The ‘bike’ is capable of zipping along at 145km/h and has a gear ratio of 17:1 (the average bike gear ration is closer to 4:1). To get it moving, the rider will need to produce a whopping 700 watts to power the bike.

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Kramon_TOB13_stage6_KRA0342-Version-2Thirsty work

The summer heat may be behind us, but hydration is still important. Alan McCubbin, President of Sports Dietitians Australia, looks at how much you should be drinking on the bike.

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Roll model

This 80-year-old’s love for bike riding is both touching and inspiring.

Portrait of my grandfather : 80 and still cycling from Florent Piovesan on Vimeo.


Upcoming events

dotdotdot 22 May  Bikes for Humanity celebration: 10th shipping container of bikes sent to the developing world  Melbourne, VIC
dotdotdot 24-31 May  Bike2Eat Week Adelaide, SA
dotdotdot 25 May Bike SA Grand Slam Challenge Series #3 Williamstown, SA
dotdotdot 25 May Whittlesea Challenge Whittlesea, VIC
dotdotdot 27-30 May Velo-city Global Conference Adelaide, SA

 The world’s toughest indoor cycling challenge – 20 July

This is your chance to test yourself to the limits and be part of an Australian first to understand the true science of suffering. Join elite riders and endure ten hours of back to back Sufferfest cycling videos where you will race against the pros in the biggest races around the globe.

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