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23 April, 2014

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Wednesday.


Local news

Have you seen Hamish?

Melbournians, we spotted the pic below on Twitter yesterday afternoon. We don’t have any  information other than what’s included in the pic, but we know that having your bike stolen is downright awful. If you see Hamish around, please get in touch with Mari. She’s offering home-baked banana bread as reward for Hamish’s safe return.



Artbikes roll into Launceston

Since their introduction in Hobart in 2011, Artbikes have been a novel way to discover the Tasmanian capital’s galleries and public artworks. In fact, they’ve proved so popular, the scheme has now spread north to Launceston, where you can now pick up an Artbike from the Design Tasmania gallery near City Park.

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Adelaide’s separated lanes stir up controversy

Adelaide City Council has begun construction on separated bike lanes on Frome Street in the heart of the CBD. The lanes will create a key north-south corridor through the city and are a smart solution to ease rising congestion. However, not everyone is pleased.

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glowroadInternational news

Road to the future

Rumours have long been circulating about glow-in-the-dark bike paths and road markings, but we’re yet to see them implicated. Until now. Glow-in-the-dark lane markings, which charge during daylight hours, are currently being trialled on a stretch of road in Norway. If the trial is successful, it may not be long before your evening commute looks like something from a  sci-fi film. *Cue Tron theme music.

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Women’s Tour named

The inaugural Friends Life Women’s Tour (of Britain) is less than three weeks away. The race, which has just announced Friends Life as its naming rights sponsor and released its 57-page race manual, will cover 498.9km over five stages and is an important pedal stroke in the right direction towards raising the profile of women’s pro cycling.

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More of the best from #replacebikewithcar

#replacebikewithcar is the trending hashtag that’s highlighting the absurdity of arguments against bike riding. If you missed the first lot of highlights, check them out here.

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Is it a cold? Is it the flu? Is it acute coryzal rhinopharyngitis?

The cold and flu season is already well under way. According to The Conversation, we often mistake a cold for the flu, but even still, we’re likely to suffer three colds (aka acute coryzal rhinopharyngitis) a year. Yuck. So how can you tell the difference between a cold and the flu, and what can you do to minimise your risk of infection?

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Lance Armstrong changes a tyre

After being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is exploring his career options. Click the image to watch the video.


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