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2 April, 2014

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Wednesday.

Local news

bikeparkingEmployees demand more secure bike parking

Given the steady rise in bike commuter numbers in recent years, the Victorian State Government is considering increasing the minimum bike parking requirements for commercial buildings. Currently retail and office buildings must provide one employee bike parking space for every 300 square metres. These guidelines date back to 2006 and don’t adequately cater for the growing number of riders.

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Queensland trials new road law

Following recommendations made in the Queensland Parliamentary Inquiry into cycling, the state will be trialling  a minimum passing distance law. From Monday, 7 April, motorists will be required to give riders a  1m berth when passing in 60km/h or less zones and 1.5m if travelling at speeds greater than 60km/h.

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Teens in traffic

Teens aged 12 and over can legally ride on footpaths in some states but not others. Bicycle Network is asking for the age to be raised to 16 Australia-wide.

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International news

medicalofficerChief Medical Officer prescribes bikes

UK’s chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies has released a report encouraging Brits to get on their bikes and get moving towards better health. The recommendation has been met with great support from the bike community with British Cycling campaigns manager Martin Key stating: “Today’s report by the chief medical officer highlights the vital need for cycling to be prioritised as a form of transport. From our research we know that almost two thirds of people would travel more by bike if cycling was accommodated in road design.”

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Canadian bike share revamped

Six month’s ago Toronto City Council took over the city’s failing bike share scheme and entrusted it to Alta Bicycle Share, which also runs the New York scheme. Now its ready to roll out a new approach to get more people riding.

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Women’s cycling shifts up gear

Whether you’re a roadie, commuter or doing the school run, this feature from The Independent says that it’s an exciting time to be a female rider in the UK, though the battle isn’t over yet.

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eyeExercise may save your sight

A recent study from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health has found a potential link between regular exercise and retaining good eyesight. More research is needed, but initial findings indicate that those who exercise at least three times a week are 58% less likely to become vision impaired as they age compared to those who exercise less than three times a week.

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Wheels of change

Watch this fun, 60-history lesson on the evolution of the bicycle.


Upcoming events

dotdotdot 5 April Melbourne, VIC The World Famous Melburn Swap Meet
dotdotdot 6 April Dubbo, NSW Tour of the West 
dotdotdot 6 April Woodside, SA BikeSA Grand Slam Challenge Series #2
dotdotdot 6 April Melbourne, VIC Melbourne Autumn Day (MAD) Ride
dotdotdot 6 April Perth, WA Dams Challenge


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