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5 February, 2014

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Wednesday.

Local news

Brunswick repair stationBrunswick: pumped up!

A new public bike pump and repair station—one of Melbourne’s first—is now ready for use on Dawson Street, outside the Brunswick Baths and just off the Upfield Bike Path. The station includes allen keys, tyre levers, screwdrivers and wrenches.

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Bridge RAMPage

Michael O’Reilly of The Age argues that it’s time something be done about the lack of cycling infrastructure on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The bridge is crossed by more than 2,000 bike riders each day, and they currently have to push their bikes up five steep flights of stairs.

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Bike track could give dead line new life

A disused rail track to Sydney’s Mortuary Station that was once used to transport mourners and the deceased to Sydney cemeteries may be redeveloped as a shared-use tunnel for bike riders and pedestrians.

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International news

102-year-old French cyclist breaks his own world record

Age is no barrier for French cyclist, Robert Marchand. The 102-year-old recently broke his own world record to ride 26.927km—2.5km further than he rode when he originally set the record for centenarian cyclists two years ago.

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Women to race at Le Tour

The organisers of Le Tour de France have announced that this year’s race will include an additional women’s race covering the course used in the famous final stage  to the Champs-Elysées. Aussie pro rider, Chloe Hosking, is excited by the new race, posting on her blog: “While right now it is just one race, it is such a huge step forward for women’s cycling and a massive step in the right direction.”

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It seems like you can get just about anything delivered by bike these days…

In the American bike mecca of Portland, Oregon, you can now get a wood-fired ‘hot tub’ delivered to you house by a certified ‘bicycle tubbist’. For $400 US you get three nights of tub use, wood fuel and instillation and instruction in tub use from a trained tubbist. What will they think of next?

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Riding the heatwave

In recent weeks temperatures in Melbourne and Adelaide have been climbing above forty, but that hasn’t stopped the cities playing host to some of the nation’s biggest cycling events. Take a look at the science behind how the pros handle the heat.

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Velo symphony

This talented musician records oddly beautiful pieces using only bike parts for instruments.

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