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29 January, 2014

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Wednesday.

Local news

art-gerrans-620x349Go Gerro!

Aussie Orica GreenEDGE rider, Simon Gerrans, made cycling history in Adelaide on Sunday, defeating Cadel Evans to win the Santos Tour Down Under for the third time.

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Commuter challenge

With great weather and the new year well and truly upon us, February is the perfect time to get back in the habit of riding to work. Ride2Work4Feb will help you set your summer riding goal and stick to it.

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Fire season

With bushfire season upon us and many of Australia’s favourite riding routes in the danger zone, these tips will help you plan your rides accordingly.

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International news

Reality show

Following complaints about a recent television cycling campaign, the Scottish Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that riders depicted in TV advertising must wear helmets and be filmed riding as close as practical to the side of the road.

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E-bike share

San Francisco residents may soon be powering up, with City CarShare trailing e-bikes for a new hire fleet. The company is currently testing two different models and soon hopes to have 90 bikes available at 25 locations.

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Nifty parking

Canadian design consultancy, The Federal Inc, have invested a cleaver new parking hoop that’s both secure and won’t scratch your bike. The design features a sturdy chain encased in rubber and may soon be appearing on a street corner near you.

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Brisbane enjoys a healthy glow

In a recent survey of Queensland’s health, Brisbane collected all the gold stars, with its residents boasting the lowest percentage of smokers and Type 2 diabetes sufferers and the highest rate of overall health and happiness. While a younger demographic may be largely responsible for the city’s healthy glow, Associate professor Abdullah Mamun of the University of Queensland’s School of Population Health said that the city’s recreational facilities including it’s bike infrastructure and parks also encouraged an active lifestyle.

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Daring descent

Norwegian daredevil cyclist Eskil Ronningsbakken takes on one of the world’s most hair-raising descents, backwards. 

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