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Ride On digest

4 December, 2013

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Wednesday.

Local news

greatvicjerseysGreat memories from a great ride

On Sunday 5,000 exhausted but happy riders rolled into Geelong after completing the 610km RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride from Mount Gambier via the great Ocean Road. Photos capturing highlights from their epic journey are now online, and to see what the riders got up to on their travels, check out Ride On‘s daily ride reports.

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Queensland recommends new bike laws

Findings from the Queensland Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into Cycling have been made public. The report recommends amendments be made to a number of road rules for both riders and motorists.

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Blue bikes roll on

The Melbourne Bike Share scheme has been renewed until the middle of next year and will expand into the City of Port Philip, creating a key tourist link between the city and the sea.

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International news

No special treatment for hi-vis riders

A recent UK study suggests that motorists pass riders at the same average distance (117.5cm), regardless of whether the rider is kitted out in high visibility clothing or not. The study found that the only riders that were given a wider berth were those in vests marked ‘police’.

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Ice queen

British cyclist Maria Leijerstam is hoping to be the first person to cycle to the South Pole. She’s attempting the trip on a custom made recumbent and hopes to complete her journey in early January.

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Riders lie down in protest

Following a disturbingly high number of cyclist fatalities on London roads in November, more than 1,000 riders gathered in front of the Transport for London building and lay down with their bikes to demand safer streets.

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Delayed reaction

Find out why your muscles sometimes ache more a few days after a big ride, and what you can do to speed your recovery.

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Only the Dutch…

You might be able to ride a bike and play an instrument, but can you do both at the same time? The Dutch Army Bicycle Band can, and they look pretty slick doing it too!

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