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RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride day eight – Birregurra to Torquay

30 November, 2013


Riders had a couple of good reasons to hit the road early today: scenery that confirmed that riding in this region is truly “unmissable” and road closures for two key sections of the day’s ride. And hit the road early they did, doing a great job of clearing out of the campsite in Birregurra by 8.30am – just as they were asked to at the rider briefing at dinner the night before.

From Birregurra, riders savoured the last of the lush Otway forest on offer this year with an invigorating climb to Deans Marsh. From here, riders were treated not only to a magnificent descent through the Great Otway National Park into Lorne but also a closed road on which to enjoy it.

So it was refreshed riders who collected in lovely Lorne for an early lunch and a long, lazy coffee break to await the opening of the next section of the ride: a very special opportunity to experience the iconic Great Ocean Road with limited traffic for the 18km through to Airey’s Inlet.

At 11am, in glorious sunshine, riders were released to enjoy the majestic ocean views and sweeping beachside bends of this justly celebrated road. The unhindered riding was rich reward for few hours waiting patiently in Lorne and a terrific climax to a week of pedalling through Victoria’s south-west.

With a brief rest at Airey’s Inlet – where the Split Point Lighthouse of children’s TV show Round the Twist fame made a scenic backdrop – riders rolled over the last undulations through Anglesea, Jan Juc and into Torquay. Setting up tents in the warm sunshine, it felt like we have arrived at summer as well the the capital  of the Victorian surf coast, and what a great combination that makes!

-Simon Vincett

For photos of the day, visit Bicycle Network’s Flickr.

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