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RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride day seven – Gellibrand to Birregurra

29 November, 2013


What a welcome the riders got in Birregurra from the local primary school – so much warmer than today’s weather on the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride!

The riders started off day seven’s trek from Gellibrand to Birregurra (81 km) in damp conditions.

But, despite the wet weather, spirits remained high. The spectacular views of the Otways,resplendent with spring’s best offerings kept riders attentions away from the rain.

It was green as far as the eye could see, trees were so tall they blocked the clouded sky and gorgeous flowers were in bloom including some spectacular roses in local gardens.

It seemed those on bikes barely noticed a challenging climb from Gellibrand to Ferguson, they were too busy taking in the views.

Turtons Track was especially a favourite of many riders with some commenting it had been the best part of a ride they’d ever had.

And the welcome from Birregurra Primary made the ride all the more worthwhile for adventurers on the RACV Great Vic.

With their bikes decorated like tigers, students made a very apt display – after all, the local council is considering a development of the local Tiger Trail – to connect the scenic gems of Forrest and Birregurra.

With two more days to go, riders are gearing up for more spectacular views along the Great Ocean Road into Torquay tomorrow.

-Melissa Heagney

For photos of the day, visit Bicycle Network’s Flickr.

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