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16 October, 2013

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Wednesday. 

Local news

r2w13Australians on their bikes for National Ride2Work Day

More than 150,000 new and regular bike riders celebrated National Ride2Work Day this morning, with bike advocacy organisations, community groups and councils hosting free breakfasts for riders. If you haven’t registered your ride, it’s not too late! Each registration counts and helps ensure the continuous improvement of bike facilities across Australia. Check out some of the pics from the morning here.

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Queensland changes rule

Queensland has amended its road rules so that bike riders may now use pedestrian crossings and other vehicles must give way to riders at these crossings.

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New party rolls out for riders

The Australian Cyclists Party, headed by former Bicycling New South Wales CEO, Omar Khalifa, is currently seeking members and support in the hopes hopes of becoming a contender in future Victorian and NSW state government elections. According to Khalifa, “We’re trying to seek broad-based support for cycling in all its forms – whether it’s recreational, it’s commuting, it’s mountain biking, it’s for tourist cycling.”
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Melbourne trial aims to reduce ‘doorings’

New markings in the bike lanes on Melbourne’s Glenferrie Road aim to reduce the risk of car doorings, by marking out the section of bike lane in the ‘dooring’ zone. However, some have concerns that the markings may cause confusion and lead motorists to think riders aren’t allowed in that section.

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International news

App helps bikes roll with public transport

The UK’s National Rail Enquiries app has been updated to include rules for bringing bikes on trains and shows riders how many spots are available for bikes on a given service, and for services requiring reservations, the app shows how many bike spots are already booked.

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Move over Copenhagen

The Netherlands city of Groningen may be Europe’s real cycletopia, with 50% of all trips made by bike, and that number rising to 60% in the inner city. Follow the link to see the video about how it became one of the world’s top bike cities.

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Women’s Tour granted equal status

The Women’s Tour has been granted equal status by the UCI to the men’s equivalent, the Tour of Britain. Event organisers are “delighted” and Councillor Heather Smith, Deputy leader for Northamptonshire County Council,  where the race’s Grand Depart will be held, praised the event as a “real opportunity to promote cycling and women’s sport locally.”

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Launch your summer cycling

With the days warming up, it’s time to start getting fit for summer.

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Album of the week

happycyclingfacesHow does riding your bike make you feel?

These riders shared their responses at the Melbourne City Square Ride2Work breakfast photo booth.

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