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25 September, 2013

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Wednesday. 

Photo credit: Thomas Joynt

Photo credit: Thomas Joynt

Local news

All aboard for Yarra Glen?

The Yarra Ranges Council are ready to roll on a feasibility study for the Lilydale to Yarra Glen Rail Trail… as soon as they get the necessary funding from the Victorian State Government. The trail would make for some absolutely gorgeous off-road riding in the Victorian wine region and we urge you to follow the link and write to the State Government to show your support.

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Facts fudged in ‘bike lane bashing’

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph has been caught out by Media Watch (and a number of angry readers) after using misleading statistics to make it appear that rider numbers are dropping in Sydney and that Lord Mayor Clover Moore is unjustified in her long-running campaign for more bike lanes in the CBD. In truth, rider numbers in the city centre have more than doubled in recent years.

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Gen Y Sydneysiders turn away from cars

The last decade has seen a significant drop in how much Sydneysiders aged 21-30 are driving. The Sydney Morning Herald attributes this trend to the rising cost of owning and operating a car and the fact that people can use mobile devices on public transport. However, Crickey‘s ‘The Urbanist’ blogger, Alan Davies, says the matter is more complex.

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International news

Guerilla bike lanes roll out in NYC

Following a recent incident in which a pedestrian lost her leg as a result of an altercation between a cyclist and a taxi driver, a group of bike activists used the cover of night to paint a bike lane where the incident occurred in an attempt to make the streets of the Big Apple that little bit safer. While the act was illegal, activist Keegan Stephan defended the group’s actions, stating: “We’re doing something for the public good.”

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Chinese trucks guard against injury

Trucks are involved in a significant number of cyclist fatalities, as riders can be sucked under the wheels as a truck turns. Earlier this year the London Cycling Campaign came up with a design for bike-safe trucks, while in China all trucks are required by law to be fitted with side guards.

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What’s in a name?

According to elite cycling apparel brand Assos, quite a bit. The company recently tried to force trendy online fashion company ASOS to change its name. However, a judge dismissed the case claiming that the public weren’t likely to confuse the two given they catered to significantly different markets.

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100 ways to live to 100

The Huffington Post has put together a century of tips to help you live to receive a birthday card from the queen. We were pleased to see that cycling made the list… twice.

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Way back home

Danny MacAskill takes you for a ride back to his home town.

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