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18 September, 2013

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Wednesday.


GC bike hireBike share with a difference

Business consultant Gerard McCormick is keen to add to the relaxed and beachy feel of Queensland’s Gold Coast and offer tourists a different way to see the sights at their own pace by setting up bike hubs complete with rescued and revamped hard rubbish cruiser bikes, pumps and tool kits.

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Sydney businesses voice support for more bike lanes

Executive director of the  Sydney Business Chamber, Patricia Forsythe, and the NSW executive director of the Property Council of Australia, Glenn Byres, have spoken out in favour of the O’Farrell Government’s recently proposed plan to significantly expand Sydney’s bike network, with Ms Forsythe explaining: ”Most businesses now support staff who want to cycle to work… If it [the proposed bike network expansion] requires that business has to speak up as part of selling this, indeed we should.”

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Princes bridge trial a win for riders, says Lord Mayor

The three month widened-bike lane trial on Melbourne’s Princes Bridge, which saw one north-bound car lane removed to make more room for bikes, has been deemed a success by Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, who states: “I am absolutely convinced, looking at that video of the old days, if we hadn’t done something then we’d be facing what they face in London and that’s a fatality about every three weeks,” The trial has seen traffic slowed by only about one minute in peak hour and the movement of riders increase by about 40%.

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Vale Keith Dunstan

Many journalists write to bring about change in the world. Keith Dunstan’s words changed the history of bike riding in Melbourne, and became part of cycling folklore. One of the founding fathers of Bicycle Network, Dunstan’s presence in the fledgling Bicycle Institute of Victoria as it was then known, added credibility and standing to the organisation.

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SAfilmSaudi Arabia rolls out first feature film

Wadjda is the first full length feature film to be made entirely in Saudi Arabia and is also the first film from female director Haifaa Al-Mansour. And what would she choose to make her country’s first full-length film about? Bikes of course! Specifically one girl’s rebellious dream to own a bike even though her parents and teachers don’t consider it ‘ladylike’.

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Bike & Go

The UK is launching Bike & Go, a nation-wide bike hire scheme, specifically designed to integrate with public transport to help people get from train stations to their final destinations.

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Black box for bikes

US Kickstarter project RIDEYE is a video camera with a difference, recording your ride on a loop and saving the footage if it senses an impact. RIDEYE was an instant hit with riders, with the project earning 25% of the funding needed on the first day. Backing for the project officially closes on 15 October, but RIDEYE has already attracted far more than the minimum funding required.

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happinessMood boosters

Try these tips to beat mid-week blues.

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Are you up for it?

If you’re looking to up your training this summer, this might give you something to aim for:

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