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9 August, 2013

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.


Cyclist ride into Sydney in the morning rush, using the bike lane in King Street.Bike riders save economy $21 on each commute

The federal government wants to increase the number of people who make short trips by foot or bicycle after a report card on the performance of Australia’s cities found rapid changes in the labour market would pose big challenges to transport infrastructure.
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Commonwealth: Bikes are infrastructure

For the first time bikes have qualified as transport infrastructure under the strict criteria of the Infrastructure Australia Priority List. Infrastructure Australia, which assesses and analyses major infrastructure projects for Federal Government funding, has determined that the Inner Sydney Regional Bike Network is an ‘Early Stage Project’ in the priority list.

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Magpie madness descends

Not this year. We’re forming our defense strategy early and collecting tips and tricks for keeping the maggies at bay to include in out October-November issue. If you have a strategy that works, we want to hear it.

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camper4_1728765aPedal-powered creature comforts

DIY gurus take note – the bar has been well and truly raised by an Englishman who’s constructed a pedal-powered campervan. Featuring a small kitchen and a pair of beds – and even a hidden toilet – the project was completed in just two weeks. Looks like an amazing – if a little cramped – way to see the countryside.

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Copenhagen rides to the front

Copenhageners are riding more frequently and are more satisfied with their cycling city than ever before, according to the 2012 Copenhagen Bicycle Account. The bi-annual Bicycle Account, which assesses cycling development in the City of Copenhagen, found 1.27 million kilometres were cycled each day in 2012, up 36% from 1996.

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Men in the dark about heart attacks

A study has found that male heart attack survivors remain unaware of their risk factors, despite cardiovascular disease remaining the most common cause of hospital admissions and deaths in Australia.
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Get your butts in gear y’all.

Social Cycling Austin breaks it down to look as easy as it really is.

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