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21 June, 2013

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

princes_newMelbourne’s Princes Bridge trial begins

A new, widened bike lane has been rolled out on the iconic Melbourne bridge giving riders and pedestrians some much needed breathing room. Though some motorists feared the loss of a car lane would result in gridlock, car flow has been largely unaffected.

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Queensland bike inquiry underway

A public hearing was held earlier this week as part of a Queensland State Parliamentary Inquiry into Cycling Issues. The inquiry is investigating measures to make roads safer for riders.

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Adelaide riders call for better infrastructure and driver care

Poor infrastructure and inattentive motorists are being blamed for a rise in bike accidents in Adelaide. ‘Doorings’ and motorists cutting across bike lanes without checking for riders are particularly common hazards for the growing fleet of over 8,000 Adelaidians who ride to work.

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International news

APTOPIX Russia Daily LifeBike fleet arrives in Moscow

The bike is seeing the beginning of a comeback in Russia with a small bike share scheme launching in Moscow. The scheme boasts 220 bikes docked at 30 stations around the city and is part of what the art community is calling New Collectivism—a return to sharing spaces and materials.

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Scotland rejects strict liability law

Scottish Transport Minister Kieth Brown has this week unveiled Scotland’s new cycling strategy. The strategy includes 19 new commitments to bikes, but rejects the proposed strict liability law enforced in many ‘bike-friendly’ countries.

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Strict liability explained

The term has been bandied about a lot lately by journos who assume readers are familiar with what is actually a  rather complex law (see Exhibit A above). Here Crikey blogger Alan Davies explains the law in plain(ish) English.

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Riding to school is better than a good breakfast

We’ve all been told time and again that the best way to start the day is with a good breakfast. However, a Danish study has found that using active transport, such as riding a bike, to get to school, is a better way to boost kids’ concentration.

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