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14 June, 2013

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

sandybaylanesSandy Bay Bike Lanes Are Go!

After 17 years, Hobart’s Sandy Bay Walking and Cycling Project has finally been given the green light by Hobart City Council. The project will include on-road bike lanes on Sandy Bay Road from Marieville Esplanade to Long Point Road near Sandown Rd with a section of shared path in the north past the University of Tasmania and the Wrest Point Casino.

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Melbourne’s Peninsula Link Trail opens for business

Bike riders and walkers can now enjoy 25km of shared, off-road path running from Patterson Lakes to Moorooduc. The path also connects with the EastLink Trail via the Dandenong Creek Trail and forms a key part of the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula bike networks.

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Brisbane budgets for bikes

In their 2013-14 budget, released this week, Brisbane City Council has allocated $16.26 million for bike infrastructure projects.

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Cadel honoured

Australia’s favourite cyclist, Cadel Evans has been honoured with an Order of Australia medal. Let’s hope it brings him extra luck and speed next month when he competes in the 100th Tour de France.

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International news

nxbikeeducation copyNew Zealand seeks new lesson in safety

In an effort to reduce rider fatalities, New Zealand is seeking expert advice on improving rider safety. In the past there’s been a call to make high-visibility clothing mandatory, but according to Glen Koorey, transportation lecturer at Canterbury University, more bike education programs are the key.

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a flying e-bike!

Sure it can only stay airborne for five minutes, is remotely controlled and the ‘bike’ part appears arbitrary, but the world’s first flying e-bike is here.

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Indianapolis Cultural Trail

This may be America’s best kept bike infrastructure secret.

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exerciseforlifeExercise for life

King’s College London has found new evidence to support the old adage that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. 

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Fancy Cycling, 1901That old trick

Instead of our video of the week, we’ve found some pictures of early bike stunt men and women that will make you rather less smug about mastering a track stand.

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