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31 May, 2013

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

RDekker_080506_0050Princes Bridge lanes go north

Bikes are getting some wiggle room on Melbourne’s Princes Bridge, a key route into the city from the south, with one of the north-bound car lanes being removed to expand the bike lane for a three month trial period. The bridge is used by thousands of riders each day, but until now they have either had to squeeze alongside courier trucks or between crowds of tourists and pedestrians on the footpath. The new lane is expected to be completed by mid-year.

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Should police be tougher on riders who flout the law?

In a controversial piece, The Urbanist blogger Alan Davies suggests that a crackdown on riders who disregard road rules won’t help angry motorists to see them as legitimate road users.

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Take care out there

Today is Fatality Free Friday, a reminder to take care and be alert every time you venture out on the roads, no matter what form of transport you’re using.

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Crafty businesses use bikes to peddle wares

In an attempt to get around advertising permit regulations, inner-city businesses are turning bikes into billboards.

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International news

Bike blog :  Pedal on ParliamentScottish riders take to the streets

Inspired by bike protests in England last year, Scottish riders have pedalled on parliament, holding a series of rallies attended by thousands of riders to demand better conditions for bikes.

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Big Brother is watching

A new study has found that  placing creepy pictures of Big-Brother-like eyes with the message: ‘cycle thieves we are watching you’ was enough to reduce theft by 62%. Researchers found placing images of eyes with charity tins at supermarkets also resulted in a spike in donations.

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Light up!

A clever artistic duo are use old bike parts to brighten a dingy urban underpass.

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Young woman lying down on a blue exercise ball looking sad and tiredExercise has benefits, even if you’re not in the mood

A new study has found that exercise has great mental health benefits, whether we’re int he mood to work out or not. It’s long been understood that exercise reduces stress and anxiety, in part because it gives us a sense of control. However, researchers were uncertain whether the benefits would be the same if people were forced into exercising, as that sense of control may be removed.

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NYC Citibike is here!

After several delays, the Big Apple’s long-awaited bike share system has been launched. The 6,000 strong fleet of bikes is the biggest in the US and is only going to get bigger, with another 4,000 bikes to come.

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