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12 April, 2013

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

art-353-congestion3-300x0Sydney congestion among western world’s worst

Sydneysiders looking to save some time on their daily commute should get out of their cars and jump on their bikes, as Sydney has been named the seventh most congested city in the western world, ranking only just behind the famously car-clogged Los Angeles.

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Adelaide riders on the rise

According tot he recent Super Tuesday count organised by Bicycle Network, rider numbers are up 10% in the City of Adelaide.

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Five tips to conquer the cobbles

With Melburn Roobaix early bird registrations opening tomorrow, Orica GreenEDGE has five tips to help you prepare for the Hell of the Northcote.

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International news

8510160Christchurch to become premier cycling city

The city has released a $70 million (NZ) plan to introduce Copenhagen style lanes and intersections, shared pathways and residential greenways.

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Another reason to roll

The French city of Nantes has revealed a new scheme to subsidise cargo bike purchases but up to 25% to encourage more citizens to ride. To be eligible for the scheme partcipants must be car-free and agree to keep their bike for a minimum three years.

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Push to get British kids rolling

British Cycling is campaigning to have bike riding incorporated into the national school curriculum, with British Cycling’s Director for Policy and Legal Affairs, Martin Gibbs explaining: “Cycling is a vital life-skill that all children should have – especially if we want to normalise cycling as an everyday activity that all people can do”.

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Mexico Hold the SaltMexico cuts down on salt

On average, Mexicans consume three times the the daily salt recommendation, and in an effort to curb consumption, Mexico city has launched a new campaign urging restaurants to remove salt shakers from tables.

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How to cure poo shoe face

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