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22 March, 2013

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

8579106174_de02dc6bcfStudents roll out for National Ride2School Day

Over 280,000 Aussie kids rode their bike, scooted, skated or walked to school this morning to celebrate National Ride2School Day, where kids, parents and teachers are encouraged to  ditch the car and have fun getting to school under their own steam.

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Feds make room for bikes

The Federal Government has proposed that future federally funded infrastructure projects must include facilities for bike riders and pedestrians as well as access to public transport.

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Free helmets to boost bike share

To boost usage, Melbourne Bike Share will be distributing 200 free helmets for loan at its docking stations.

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Western Australia and Queensland saddle up

Bikes currently rule the roads in both states as they celebrate their respective bike weeks. To join the festivities, visit Bicycling Western Australia’s Cycle Instead Bike Week  and Bicycle Queensland’s Bike Week pages.

International news

lorry_476Introducing the bike-friendly truck

As half of bike rider fatalities in the UK currently involve a truck, the London Cycling Campaign have used existing technologies and design principles  to design a new truck that places the driver closer to the ground and dramatically improves their visibility.

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Bikes deliver in US

An increasing number of US transport companies are investing in fleets of courier bikes to allow for easier, greener delivery of goods in dense inner-city environments.

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Rider numbers on the rise in Dublin

Annual traffic counts indicate that car use is on the decline in Dublin, while bikes are booming, thanks to a focus on improving bike infrastructure.

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crossed_forks_525Bad food, bad mood

A new study has found that women with unhealthy eating habits and concerns about their body image experience a significant decline in mood after eating. While previous studies have focused on subjects with eating disorders, this research will help ‘normal’ women improve their eating habits, self image and general well-being.

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That Friday afternoon feeling

How do we feel about a weekend full of riding? Peter Sagan sums it up nicely.

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