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8 February, 2013

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

helmetstoryHelmet-less riders more likely to take risks

A study of 6,700 bike riders involved in collisions with motor vehicles conducted by the University of NSW’s Transport and Road Safety Research Group has found that those not wearing a helmet were almost four times more likely to sustain a head injury and were more prone to risky behaviour, such as drink-riding, that resulted in collisions.

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How does a hard core amateur measure up to a pro?

If you’ve ever entertained dreams of turning pro, this article from The Conversation can show you just how far you have go before you can hold your own among cycling’s elite, as Ken Taylor from the CSIRO compares the rides of the top amateurs in the Bupa Challenge to pro rider Serge Pauwels’s performance on the same route in Stage Four of the Tour Down Under. 

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Workers roll between meetings in SA

In an effort to promote healthy lifestyles, several South Australian businesses, including the Heart Foundation SA, have used Department of Transport, Planning and Infrastructure community grants to buy office bikes and encourage staff to ride to off-site meetings during the workday.

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International news

artsculpt2Bikes inspire art

In his latest exhibition, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei used 760 bikes to make a towering sculpture maze big enough to walk through.

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Riding to work is the best way to roll

A new study from Portland State University has found that people who ride their bike to work enjoy their commute more than those who use any other means of transport. They were followed closely by those who walked and then by those who caught public transport or traveled with others. Those who drove solo reported the lowest levels of satisfaction with their commute.

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Infrastructure is key

The Get Britain Cycling parliamentary inquiry has heard from bike advocacy and sustainable transport experts that building infrastructure, such as separated lanes, that encourages less-confident riders is the key to getting more Brits on bikes.

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sitCould sitting be the death of us?

An increasing number of health officials are concerned that spending the workday sitting down increases our risk of diabetes, cardiovascular failure, high cholesterol and cancer and may be cutting our lives short by up to two years. According to a study from Louisiana State University we should ideally limit our sitting to less than three hours a day.

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Share the bike love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’re collecting stories and pics for a special Valentine’s day album. If you’ve had a romantic adventure like these two love bikes, send us an email at

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