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11 January, 2013

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.


bikes1Tassie’s missing links

Bicycle Tasmania has called for more bike infrastructure funding from Hobart City Council, with the council’s current contribution well below the national average of other capital city councils. The bike advocacy organisation pointed out that there are many missing links in the city’s bike network which need to be addressed as a matter of priority.

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Hellfire Cup postponed but Escapade rolls on

Following the devastating bushfires in south east Tasmania the Avanti Plus Hellfire Cup has been postponed until late November. However, Bicycle Network Victoria’s Great Escapade will still take place in February. Direct assistance can be made the the Tasmanian Bushfire Appeal, which is administered by Red Cross.

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Victorians: get fire ready

If you’re riding in the Dandenongs this  Sunday, the local CFS will be set up near cafes in The Basin, Mount Dandenong and Sassafras to teach riders how to keep safe in case of bushfires in the region this summer.

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Bike blog : Silhouette of cyclist through car window splattered by rainA false sense of security?

To wear high viz or not to wear high viz? has long been one of the great questions for debate among bike riders. Peter Walker of The Guardian believes it’s time to give the issue a fresh airing and reexamine the arguments and research.

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Lance speaks out

Lance Armstrong’s will give his first public interview since being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles next Thursday, 17 January, on Oprah.comMany of his former colleagues hope he will confess and apologise, although many fear it will be a heavily stage-managed affair rather than an honest discussion.

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Too much information?

With gadgets and gizmos to monitor every aspect of our performance, are we losing sight of the simple joy of riding or entering an exciting new era?

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side-bridgeStrong, lean riding machine

Strength training improves your riding and can help you bounce back after the Christmas break. Ride On asked exercise physiologist Vanessa Lougoon to develop a strength routine suitable for everyone.

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Bike beats

Winner of the 2012 New York Spring Bike Short Film Festival, this quirky clip explores the humble bicycle’s rhythmic potential. 


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