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21 December, 2012

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

darebin-bike-track-729-620x349Bike link an environmental concern?

A crucial 1.8km link connecting six of Melbourne’s major bike trails was put on hold for an astonishing 17 years in part due to residents’ concern that the new track was bad for the environment. However, it was found that the residents’ dogs who played in the park area where the track is to be built were a greater threat to the natural wildlife than the proposed track. The project has since received funding and will be completed by 2014.

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Big plans for Sydney’s Taylor Square South

The community space at the corner of Flinders and Oxford Streets is set to become the “nerve centre” for Sydney bike riders, with local award-winning industrial design firm Hassell being commissioned to redesign the space as a meeting point for riders featuring bike related businesses and activities.

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A wise investment

Research commissioned by Western Australia’s RAC has found that community rewards for investing in bike infrastructure are 5.4 times higher than the cost, but a $267 million investment is needed over the next ten years to develop complete bike networks in the state’s major cities and towns.

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International news

Bradley Wiggins Tour de France2014 Tour to begin in Yorkshire

UK cycling fans are celebrating after winning the bid to have the 2014 Tour de France Grand Départ take place in Yorkshire. Race director Christian Prudhomme said of the announcement “Bradley Wiggins’ historical victory last July and the enormous crowds that followed the cycling events in the streets of London during the Olympic Games encouraged us to go back earlier than we had initially planned.”

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The world’s oldest bike rider?

At 100 Octavio Orduño of Long beach, California, began having trouble with his balance and swapped his two wheeler for a trike. However, three years later, he’s still riding almost every day.

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Diver acquitted  of dangerous driving after leaving bike rider brain damaged for life

After The Times journalist Mary Bower was hit by a truck while riding to work the paper launched The Times Cities Fit for Cycling campaign, which has strongly advocated to make Britain’s roads more bike friendly. However, earlier this week a jury found the truck driver Petre Beiu (who was on his phone at the time of the accident) not guilty of dangerous driving. He was sentenced for the lesser charge of careless driving, fined £2,700 and incurred an eight-month driving ban. Mary Bower will require 24hr care for the rest of her life.

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cyclingGetty.jpgPositive state of mind

Since 1896 a New York Times journalist, known only as ANJ observed the following about bike riding: “In the nature of the motion is another unique combination. With the great speed there are the subtle glide and sway of skating, something of the yacht’s rocking, a touch of the equestrian bounce, and a suggestion of flying. The effect of all this upon the mind is as wholesomely stimulating as is the exercise to the body.” Since then scientists have discovered that the mental benefits of riding are both powerful and diverse.

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The Cycle to Work scheme saved my life

Two years ago Toby Field was morbidly obese and in danger of following his father to an early grave. Now he’s fit, healthy and has a whole new perspective on life.


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