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14 December, 2012

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

art-darebin-620x349Bridging the gap

Last Sunday’s rally to get things rolling on the long-awaited Darebin Bridge link, which will connect the Darebin Creek trail to six other major off road paths in Melbourne, became a celebration after the State Government announced funding to the project at the eleventh hour.

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Are bikes ruling the road? It depends where you live

A Sydney study shows that, while the number of riders on the road is increasing, growth is largely limited to the inner-city and much more infrastructure and awareness of the benefits of riding are needed to get those in the outer suburbs riding.

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Albany on a roll

The Western Australia State Government has allocated $900,000 towards bike infrastructure in the regional centre of Albany, which is well placed to become a hot spot for bike tourism as it sits at the end of the popular Mundi Biddi Trail.

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Ignorance stamped out

Queensland journalist Daniel Meers enraged much of the bike riding community this week with his ill-informed opinion piece beginning: “The time has come to declare war on cyclists.” Bicycle Queensland were quick with their reasoned response that ends with an argument for why Meers should consider getting a bike.

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International news

dunedin_avantiplus_bike_mechanic_mac_robertson_tes_50c1bb5ee3New Zealand councils power up

Local councils in New Zealand are investing in fleets of e-bikes to use for deliveries and inspections, allowing New Plymouth to get rid of five cars. Other councils, such as Wellington City and Dunedin City are yet to make the conversion, but with Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown using an e-bike for personal use, they may not be far off.

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New cycling team narrows gender gap

New women’s racing team Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling, owned and managed by Australia’s Rochelle Gilmore, is leading the way for women’s pro teams, whose riders typically earn only a tenth of their male equivalents. The team is being helped by Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins and has just signed a three-year sponsorship deal with bicycle retail giant Wiggle.

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Dangerous riding a choreographed stunt

The BBC Documentary, The War on Britain’s Roads, has stirred up a lot of anger and controversy among the UK cycling community since airing on 5 December. It has now been revealed by The Guardian that footage included in the documentary of an alley cat race in which riders dangerously flout the road rules was filmed as part of a separate project in which the riding was choreographed and a cash prize was offered for the rider who took the most risks.

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London jammed on Drive to Work Day

Peak hour was especially chaotic in London on Monday as thousands of bike commuters swapped two wheels for four. The campaign aims to highlight how bike riders do all road users a favour by easing congestion on the roads.

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12well_physed-tmagArticleMidday the time to exercise

A new study shows that regular exercise, particularly when undertaken in the middle of the day, can help stabilise our internal clock and improve our sleeping patterns.

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All wrapped up

There’s a fine art to getting a bike wrapped and under the tree in time for Christmas, and it involves a little help from a friend.

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