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16 November, 2012

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

New route for women’s pro cycling

Female pro cyclists claim that the men’s pro cycling model is never going to work for women’s racing and that they need to find new ways  to generate community and commercial interest for the sport they love, that doesn’t involve them being objectified in they way the currently often are.

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Rule of the road

With the number of bike commuters steadily rising, an increasing number of people are demanding more comprehensive bike networks and for bikes to have right of way on the roads.

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Serious injury throws spotlight on trucks

An accident this week where a rider was seriously injured when he was jammed between a semi-trailer and parked cars in Melbourne’s Exhibition Street has again highlighted the risks posed by construction vehicles in the CBD.

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International news

Has the Netherlands reached peak bike?

The two-wheeled way of life has become so popular in the Netherlands, with an average of 1.3 bikes per citizen old enough to ride, that its acclaimed bike network is struggling to cope, and riders are facing the kind of congestion problems typically associated with driving.

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Lack of drive

It’s no secret that people in their 20s today are driving less than their parents, but a forthcoming study analysing the changing transport methods of this age group since the mid 1970s in six countries, indicates that the trend is far from straightforward.

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Cushie idea

The Dutch are developing new measures to minimise cyclist and pedestrian injuries on the road, including cars with external airbags.

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Sleep sound

Carrying extra padding may be robbing you a good night’s sleep. A new US study has found that weight loss may be the key in alleviating sleeping disorders for the overweight and obese.

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MTB in 360 

Check out this amazing clip where you direct the camera.

MTB in 360 

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