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2 November, 2012

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

Children need to get a move on

A new series of studies has shown that while many Australian school children live close enough to walk or ride to school, parents’ often choose to drive them, ironically because they are concerned about their children’s safety in rising levels of traffic. Researchers at Deakin University believe traffic calming measures, such as more pedestrian crossings and lights, would encourage more families to walk and ride to school, improving children’s health and sense of community.

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You can create a brighter future for bikes

The Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport knows that improving walk-ability, bike-ability and public transport networks creates a healthier, more sustainable Australia, and is calling for your input on how to extend and improve current infrastructure.

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Are more people riding to work?

The 2011 Census data is in and the number of people riding to work is marginally up in all major mainland cities except Adelaide. However, these figures may be misleading.

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Bike theft on the rise in the City of Churches

Adelaideians, lock up your steeds! With 14 bikes stolen from Adelaide University in the last month, and half of those taken in the past week, police are urging riders to take precautions, both by using good locks and clearly marking their bikes so they have a better chance of being returned in the event of a theft.

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International news

Copenhagen ceases to share

After 17 years Cophenhagen’s famous Bycyklen bike share system has been removed. Bycyklen was the first deposit bike share system implemented in a major city and the inspiration behind systems now used in major cities all over the world. The government originally had plans to redesign the system, but has since decided the money could be better spent on other bike initiatives.

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Tweed sales soar thanks to bikes

According to tweed manufacturer Harris Tweed Hebrides, the rising popularity of tweed rides has helped make 2012 the biggest year for tweed manufacture and sales in well over a decade, and more than double what they were in 2009.

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Chinese growing, but not in a good way

The number of obese people in China is approaching 100 million – a figure which has quintupled between 2005 and 2011. Researchers list the availability of fast food and increasingly sedentary lifestyles as a result of higher car dependence among the culprits for the country’s dramatic weight gain and suggest promoting more active transport could help ease the strain on the healthcare system.

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Exercise for longer and be happier

New research conducted on 18-25 year olds indicates that that doing a little extra exercise can boost your overall well being, with participants reporting they felt at their best on days when they did more exercise or pushed themselves harder in their regular workout.

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Singularly extreme

Downhill unicycling in the Dolomites? This clip has to be watched to be believed!

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