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26 October, 2012

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

Evans: let’s move on and look to the future

With the Tour de France turning 100 in 2013 and the race route revealed, Australian cycling champion Cadel Evans says that while Lancegate has been “difficult to deal with” it’s time to look ahead.

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Buses and bikes demand a lane of their own

Both Melbourne’s bike riders and bus drivers have slammed a proposal put forward by VicRoads to allow bikes in dedicated bus lanes, claiming the decision would see increase in rider injuries.

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The writing’s off the wall

Former Cycling Australia Vice president Stephen Hodge has asked for his name to be removed from the ACTSport Hall of Fame. Hodge tendered his resignation with Cycling Australia last week after admitting to doping during his career.

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Academic riding in drag provokes heated debate,  but has he really proved anything?

Crikey blogger Alan Davies has come down hard on Dr Ian Walker’s famous 2006 study in which the UK academic used several measures, including riding his bike dressed as a woman, to judge how closely drivers overtook riders in different conditions. The study indicates that cars give helmetless riders a wider berth, but Davies says these findings are misleading, particularly for Aussie riders.

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International news

Dutch consider heated bike lanes

It’s no secret that the Dutch are crazy about their bikes, but this winter they are taking things to a new level by considering proposals to install heated bike lanes. Heated lanes wouldn’t ice over, making them safer and encouraging people to keep riding year-round.

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Wiggle trades bike for customer’s car

UK online mega bike store Wiggle took a customer up on his Tweeted offer to swap his MG Rover ZR for a new Mekk 2G Poggio Ultegra road bike. Seeing the potential for a good deal, other riders are now offering to trade their spouses for bikes.

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Bikes hit the books

A degree in bikes may not be as far fetched as it sounds. While funding to bike mechanics courses in Australia may have been cut, bikes and bike culture are booming in ivory towers overseas. Researchers are investigating the idea that the way people use bike infrastructure is just as important as the facilities themselves in getting more people riding and are developing an increasing number of subjects and courses around bikes and bike culture.

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Dedicated bike lanes cut rider injuries in half

A new Canadian study has found that dedicated bike lanes reduce a rider’s risk of injury by around 50%, while separated lanes cut risk by up to 90%. The findings signal a huge win for bike infrastructure advocacy groups.

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Exercise eases suffering for breast cancer survivors

New research has found that exercise is the best medicine for those diagniosed with lymphedema. The condition causes limb swelling as a result of fluid retention following lymph node removal and radiation therapy and affects around 40% of breast cancer survivors. There is currently no cure for lymphedema, but medical researchers say that regular exercise can help minimise symptoms.

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Making history 

Bupa Around the Bay legend Manny Karvelas and The Age share timelapse footage of his 20th year taking part in the event to show why it holds the title of Australia’s biggest one-day mass-participation ride

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