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5 October, 2012

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

Brisbane’s CityCycle designed to fail?

According to The Urbanist, helmet laws are a red herring in the mystery of why Australian bike share schemes are falling short.

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Bike safety campaign on a roll

October is Safe Cycle month in Victoria and police are out in force endeavoring to make Victoria’s roads more bike-friendly. In addition to cracking down on the road rules, they’ll be providing information to riders and, if they spot you displaying model behavior, you might just win a prize.

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Go mum!

As mums find their schedules filling up, many are giving away their gym memberships to get active with their kids, making exercise a fun family affair and promoting active, healthy lifestyles.

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International news

Traffic pollution choking LA children

A recent study in LA reveals that kids living within 75m of a major road are more likely to suffer from asthma and that, while the city has managed to reduce pollution in some areas, a much greater effort is needed. (Ahem, more bike riding?)

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Bicycle Culture 2.0

As the act of bike riding becomes increasingly normalised, the ‘militant cyclist’ is giving way to the ‘civil cyclist’ and Cycle Chic taking over from Critical Mass as a vehicle for change on the roads.

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100 at 100

Most people are lucky just to be alive at 100, let alone highly active, but for French rider Robert Marchand age is no excuse for inactivity and he recently completed a 100km ride and maintaining an impressive average speed of 23.3km/h.

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USADA report set to ruffle UCI feathers

The USADA’s report regarding the doping charges laid against seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong is said to make for an ugly read, with several of Armstrong’s former teammates coming forward with embarrassing evidence against Armsstrong and his ex-wife as well as the UCI’s failure to investigate doping allegations in the past.

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Women’s waistlines a growing concern

Following a fifteen-year study, researchers at the University of Newcastle and the University of  Queensland have concluded that while Aussie women have cut down on smoking and are conscientious about getting recommended health checks, the majority still fail to follow nutritional advice and get enough exercise, and an increasing number are suffering from obesity.

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Oh la la!

French bottled water company Contrex have found a unique way to motivate more people to ride.

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  1. 6 October, 2012 3:01 am

    to remember to stay out of bike lines as well. I have ridden the Stanley Park Seawall and around to Granville Island and back for almost two decades. My biggest complaint is that pedestrians seem to feel entitled to walk anywhere they want including designated bike lanes. I have a bell on my bike and it is in constant use ringing at pedestrians on the seawall. I find the best time to ride is 7:30 AM and NEVER on weekends. I broke my wrist trying to avoid a pedestrian and had a cast on for 6 weeks.

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