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14 September, 2012

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

Invisible rider at fault again

The spectre of the invisible cyclist, who appears out of nowhere and crashes into law abiding motorists, has made an alarming reappearance, this time in the latest Victorian State Government road safety initiative. Yes, its all our fault, apparently, but you can have your say in the survey.

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Australia’s Paralympic triumph

Australian chef de mission Jason Hellwig has declared the London 2012 squad our best Paralympic team yet, after the athletes took home an impressive 85 medals, including 32 gold, a score beaten only on our home ground at the Sydney 2000 Games.

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Driving up the road price

The Urbanist considers the argument for road increased road tolls to reduce congestion and encourage alternate forms of transport.

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Rolling on the river

Team Down Under’s Jay Bourke recounts all the thrills and spills of the 2012 Tour de Crits, or Tour of the Murray as it’s more commonly known, with stunning race photography by Mark Gunter.

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International news

Need for speed

Scotland’s Graeme Obree is gearing up to attempt a new land speed record in his hand-crafted bike.

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Vive la révolution

A love of bikes and a new way of life is sweeping through the United States.

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Roses are red, bikes are… the perfect dating accessory?

Columnist Emily McLean discovers why the bike is that Danish instrument of luurve.

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Teens get active

According to a new study published in Pediatrics, high calorie intake in early childhood can trigger obesity, but a lack of exercise, rather than over-eating, may see the disease persist through adolescence.

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Bikes rock the music scene

Following in Queen’s steps, Toronto band Side Pony Nation have musically declared their love of the bee-cee-clette.

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