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31 August, 2012

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

Aussies Susan Powell and Alexandra Green take gold and bronze in the velodrome.

Aussies pedal for Paralympic gold

Cyclist Susan Powell won the women’s CV individual pursuit in the velodrome last night to claim Australia’s first gold. Her success was quickly followed by Kieran Modra, who returned to the sport after breaking his neck to claim his third Paralympic gold in the men’s 400m pursuit. The Aussie team is following their lead, claiming nine medals in just two days of competition.

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Bike budget rally results in Victory

Following the Gipps Street rally last month and ongoing pressure from Melbourne’s bike community, the Baillieu Government reaffirmed that it will fund a new bridge to improve riding conditions on the Main Yarra Trail in Abbotsford.

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Man gaoled for fatal hit-and-run

In Western Australia a 28-year-old has been sentenced to five years and three months in prison after pleading guilty to killing a bike rider while driving drunk and fleeing the scene before police arrived.

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Magpie madness

Spring isn’t all sunshine and flowers, it’s also mating season for maggies and a pleasant pedal down a tree-lined path can quickly turn into a hair-raising game of dodge-and-weave.

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International news

Surgeon uses child’s bike to save a life

A Louisiana surgeon thought fast to beat an unexpected traffic jam and make it to the operating theatre on time.

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Wiggo speaks out for women’s racing

Bradley Wiggins has called for greater investment in women’s pro cycling, saying it should attract the same funding and attention as men’s racing.

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Abandoned bikes get new life as art

Abandoned bikes are everywhere in New York and the city lacks the resources to remove the vast majority of them, but now Transportation Nation in conjunction with The Green Space Gallery is turning “news into art,” creating an exhibition with a “hypnotic beauty” out of salvaged bikes.

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Lance: “Don’t cry for me”

Despite incurring a life ban from cycling and forfeiting his seven Tour de France titles after choosing not to fight the USADA’s doping charges, Lance Armstrong described himself as being “at peace”  in his first public appearance since accepting the penalties.

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Fruit and veg the key to older women’s health

Older women who eat their greens and cut down on sugary foods and drinks, meat and cheese are more likely to maintain weightloss and a healthy lifestyle over time than those who simply cut down on fried foods in their diet.

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Clip of the week

The fabio of the cycling world Mario Cipollini is at it again. This time he’s out to save the world from evil bike design thieves in a cheesy Bond-style epic.

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