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24 August, 2012

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

Photo: Sahlan Hayes for the Sydney Morning Herald

Minister’s anti-bike fiction

Claims by NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay that bikes are causing congestion in Sydney appear to have been conjured out of thin air. An investigation by the Sydney Morning Herald shows that his Roads Department had told the Minister his claims were baseless.

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City of Perth 2029 Bike Plan revealed

Perth is set to become a more cycling-friendly city with plans to improve and extend bike infrastructure and implement road user education programs. Bicycling Western Australia is excited about many aspects of the plan, but believes more  focus is needed on developing east-west links across the city.

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Victorian councils move bikes clear of dooring zone

In an effort to reduce car dooring incidents, several Melbourne councils are planning to move existing bike lanes further out from parked cars and introduce a buffer zone between bike lanes and parking bays.

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Sydney riders on the rise

New survey results show that 18% of Sydneysiders ride their bike at least once a week and around 180,000 pedal through the greater metropolitan area each day.

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International news

The other side of paradise

According to Cophenhagenize blogger Lars Bafred, Copenhagen is not the cycling utopia we imagine, as cars still occupy 5-20 times as much infrastructure capacity as any other mode of commuter transport and result in 8% of untimely deaths through collisions and pollution.

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Limitless disgrace

UK bike apparel company Limitless Performance stirred up a storm of controversy after releasing a “tongue in cheek” and highly sexist advertising campaign. The film, titled Nice Try Girls, But it’s Not For You, was intended to promote the company’s men’s apparel line and showed a male rider wearing their kit outperforming two women with the kit painted on. The company has since released an apology and removed the footage from its site. 

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NY hearts bike lanes

A new survey reveals 66% of New Yorkers are in favour of bike lanes installed over the past five years, with their strongest supporters in Manhattan. According to residents the lanes make “for a cleaner, safer, more inviting, more interpersonal city”.

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Riding with Wiggo

1,500 lucky Brits rode beside the seven-time gold medal winner and Tour de France champ on his home training ground to celebrate the launch of the Bradley Wiggins Foundation, which aims to promote physical exercise by providing schools, clubs and community groups with sporting equipment and support.

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Bikes bring women together

Scotland’s Learn to Ride project was initially aimed at promoting greater self-esteem and health among minority groups of women, but has grown to a community of riders of all shapes, sizes and cultural backgrounds.

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Simmer down

A new study has shown that men who eat red meat pan fried at high temperatures may be 40% more likely to develop advanced prostate cancer.

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Clip of the week

Spanish cyclists prepare for the 2012 Paralympic Games, proving that anything is possible if you’ve got the determination and will power to make it happen.


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