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17 August, 2012

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.

Local news

Plan to make Sydney riders pay

A transport plan put forward by Sydney mayoral candidate Angela Vithoulkas will require riders over 13 to register for third party insurance “to protect pedestrians, motorists and other forms of transport”. The plan will also see the city council’s cycling strategy department shut down and an independent Citizen’s Jury elected to determine the future of Sydney’s bike paths.

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Big bike plans for Brisbane

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has steated that the $120 million allocated for bike infrastructure will primarily be used  to “create a better commuter network of bikeways that service major employment areas, as well as improving access and safe travel to local shopping strips, schools and public transport hubs.” Priority projects include bicentenial Bikeway upgrades, connecting existing bikeways to strengthen the bike network, urgent repairs and improving bike black spots.

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Melbourne to move at a slower pace

Roads Minister Terry Mulder has announced that many speed limits will be axed over the next four years in an effort to reduce confusion. He cited the example of Carlisle Street in St Kilda and Balaclava where there are 11 speed zones over 5km. These will be reduced to 5, with 40km ph zones extended to improve safety for all road users.

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Avoid the fatal swoop

It’s that time of year when magpies suddenly appear in force, perching above bike paths and waiting to launch an air raid on unsuspecting riders. Michael O’Reilly, who’s weathered six swooping seasons, shares his tips and tricks for keeping the maggies at bay.

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Girls take on Vic schools’ championships

At the recent Cycling Victoria’s schools’ championships, only 15 of 128 competitors were girls. Female competitors have long been a minority in cycling, and She Rides Cycling believes encouraging and supporting young competitors is key in attracting a new generation of women to the sport.

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International news

Couriers unite!

While pro cyclists went head to head at the Olympics, top bike couriers battled it out in alleycat races and track events at the 20th annual Cycle Messenger Championships. There was also a courier-themed film night and a messenger prom, celebrating what has become an increasingly challenging profession since the rise of email.

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Power lunch gets women on a roll

Fort Worth YWCA in Texas, USA, has launched a new business employing previously homeless women to deliver office lunches by bike. Job opportunities within the business are helping employees develop a healthier lifestyle and work towards self-sufficiency, as well as providing a service to the community.

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Couple moves house by bike

Using milk crates, cargo bikes and a whole lot of a pedal power, a couple in the US moved all their worldly goods to their new home in just two hours.

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Key connections

Using the Californian city of San Jose as an example, US urban planners investigate how creating bike infrastructure to connect established bike networks is key to getting more people riding more often, as many potential riders view large intersections and stints on main roads without bike lanes as major barriers keeping them off their bikes.

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A fruity idea for chocolate lovers

A team of chemists at the University of Warwick in Britain have developed a new chocolate with half the fat or regular milk chocolate by replacing fat molecules with fruit juice. Chocky lovers can still enjoy the creamy melt-in-your-mouth taste they love, just with a slightly fruity twist.

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MTB Austrian alpine adventure

The breathtaking scenery in this video will inspire you to get off the beaten track.


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