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10 August, 2012

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.


Aussie women dominate the track

The girls in Australia’s Olympic cycling squad are kicking a*&e and taking names. Earlier this week Anna Meares scored gold in the Women’s Individual Sprint, while teammate Annette Edmonson took home the bronze in the Women’s Omnium and BMX champion Caroline Buchanan clocked the fasted time in her heat.

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Preventable disease the number one reason for hospital admissions in Australia

Complications from preventable diseases, such as Type 2 Diabetes, are straining the nation’s healthcare system. Sixty percent of Type 2 Diabetes cases are preventable through regular physical activity and low-impact exercise, such as bike riding.

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Adelaide rolls out the green carpet

Bike lanes through key intersections and black spots are being painted green as part of a three year project to improve safety for riders. The city also has plans to create a bike boulevard on Beulah Rd (a main road close to the CBD) by lowering speed limits and giving bikes right of way over motorists.

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SMILE Sydney

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage have developed a new modelling tool they’ve called Sustainable Mobility Initiatives for Local Environments (SMILE), which is designed for use by local governments to determine what form of future sustainable transport will be most effective in each council area based on their local population’s transport choices. The findings can then be used to aid infrastructure planning and improvement.

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Stephen Fry speaks up for bikes

The British actor and comedian has given his voice to a series of videos, including the one below, produced by Cycle Aware Wellington offering tips for safe riding in the city.

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Greece ditches cars for bike

The number of cars on Greek roads has dropped by over 40% each year since the country was gripped by economic crisis, while bike sales have gone through the roof and a vibrant riding culture has emerged.

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Paris returns Seine to the people

A 2.5km section of the two-lane urban motorway that runs along the edge of the Seine will be returned to pedestrians and and bike riders as the road is transformed into a riverside promenade dotted with bars, cafes and parks.

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No bike? No car

Leading UK newspaper, The Guardian, has put forward the argument that roads would be safer if learning to ride a bike in traffic was a compulsory part of getting a driver’s licence.  

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World’s fastest car no match for a bobby on  a bike

Cameras were on hand to capture a London police officer chase down a Bugatti Veyron to book the driver for failing to display a front licence plate.

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Sore point

Stephen M. Roth, a professor in the department of kinesiology at the University of Maryland, explains why lactic acid builds up in our muscles and why it hurts so much.

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Clip of the week

Bike Radar takes a sneak peak at the NTB course our Olympians will tackle this weekend.

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