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Ride On digest

3 August, 2012

The week’s top bike news from around the world, brought to you every Friday.


Aussie Olympians riding smart

Researchers from the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Life at Victoria University have developed new artificial intelligence to help our cyclists gain a strategic advantage in the upcoming Omnium event.

Olympic gold medal winner Chris Boardman explains the six stage Omnium event.

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Bikes make for big business

Despite big bike  stores’ struggle to compete with online competitors and funding cuts to the TAFE bike mechanics course in Victoria, job opportunities in the bike industry are expanding as a growing number of riders creates a demand for more skilled mechanics and a culture of niche and boutique bike stores.

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Women’s sexual health affected by bad bike fit

New research shows that an overly aggressive riding position, poor saddle choice and a bad bike fit can place undue pressure on women’s nether regions affecting blood circulation and nerve function.

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Victorians continue to rally against bike budget cuts

150 riders gathered at the Gipps Street steps on the Yarra Trail in Melbourne last weekend to rally against the budget cuts that have halted progress on a bike-friendly bridge that was set to replace the steps that force riders to dismount on the trail. Bicycle Network claim there will be more rallies to come in areas where key infrastructure is lacking.

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Tears on the track

The surprised women’s track duo from Germany took to the podium to claim gold in the Olympic velodrome last night after British favourite, Victoria Pendleton, got her team disqualified and the Chinese, who won the final, were forced to settle for silver as a result of a technical infraction. Australians Meares and McCulloch, who had hoped to claim win gold, took home the bronze.

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NZ coroner calls for compulsory high vis

In an effort to reduce bike accidents and fatalities in New Zealand, coroner Gordon Matenga has suggested laws requiring all riders to wear high visibility clothing and to ride only in bike lanes. However, his recommendation has angered much of the riding community.

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Dublin bike share triples its fleet

The announcement of the addition of 1,000 new bikes accessible from 56 new docking stations around the city is part of an expansion plan to extend the fleet to 5,000 bikes over the next five years.

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Bike studies breakaway

As pro cyclists draw increasing media attention and bike infrastructure develops in our cities, bikes and bike culture are trending topics in the ivory tower with over 100 new studies published in the past year exploring and developing the role bikes will play in our future.

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Clip of the week

When they think ‘London’ most people think ‘Olympics,’ but to talented artist Ugo Gattoni England’s capital will always mean bikes. Have a look at his incredible creation.


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