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6 July, 2012

Your links to the week’s top bike news.

Local news

Fighting on many fronts

Following the recent rally on the steps of  Victorian parliament, Bicycle Network Victoria broadens its campaign to bring back the bike budget.

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$25 million for Brisbane riders

The Brisbane City Council has included $25 million for bike infrastructure as part of its 2012-2013 budget. The money will be put towards several proposed projects, including better bike access to and from the airport.

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Study uses misleading figures to claim Australians are riding less

Figures published in the latest issue of  World Transport Policy and Practice claim that Aussies are riding less than they did in the 1980s, which government funding bodies could use to justify bike infrastructure cuts. However, figures used in the study prove misleading under close analysis.

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Why do you ride?

A new survey reveals why girls love their bikes.

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International news

Tracking le Tour – Stage 5

A recap of all the action, results and amazing pics from the latest stage of the Tour de France.

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Tour de Reve

Thought the Tour was just for guys? Think again. Rider Heidi Swift tells what it’s like to be one of six women who make up Team Reve who are riding the Tour de France course a day ahead of the main race.

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Cavendish stands up for new road laws

Popular Tour de France competitor Mark Cavendish joins The Times ‘ campaign for safer riding policies in the UK, including harsher penalties for offending drivers.

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Six kids and no car? No problem

Portland mum, Emily Finch, has taken the cargo bike to a whole new level.

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