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29 June, 2012

Your links to the week’s top bike news.

Local news

Look before opening

VicRoads has launched a new sticker campaign to combat car dooring. Dooring is one fo the greatest concerns for commuters and road riders. To see why, check out this footage submitted by a  reader who was doored outside Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, on Wednesday morning. Fortunately he wasn’t seriously injured, although his bike was damaged. Drivers and passengers, please, look before opening.

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Gear up girls!

Research shows that women are the key to get more people riding more often.

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Wheels of justice

A Sydney bike rider used helmet cam evidence to fight a charge of “‘riding a bicycle negligently” after a car driver swerved into the bike lane and put him in hospital.

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Roadies aren’t the enemy

So called ‘Lycra louts’  often get a bad wrap from the commuter tribe, but in some ways they’re also leading the commuter revolution.

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International news

Breaking down the Tour

With the Tour de France kicking off this weekend, Cycling Tips looks at the stages where lead contenders Cadel Evans and Bradley Wiggins are most likely to butt helmets, who’s going to be riding hot on their wheels and who will ultimately take home the coveted yellow jersey.

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History of Olympic Cycling

The Games are less than a month away and we’ve found some fast facts and figures on the history of cycling in the world’s premiere sporting event.

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Get lost to find yourself

An inspiring interview with Frank van Rijn, one of the world’s most experienced bike tourers that will have you packing the panniers and heading for exotic destinations. Part of the Brooks England Great Bike Travellers series.

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