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Ride On digest

22 June, 2012

Links to the week’s top bike news.

Local news

Victorian riders rally to bring back the bike budget

Despite the rain and cold 1,000 riders gathered on the steps of Victorian Parliament yesterday morning to demand the Baillieu Government reinstate funding for bike infrastructure. The Ride On team were on site, with placards and a camera and you can view Stephen Huntley’s snaps from the rally on Bicycle Network’s Flickr.

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Bike funding cuts are economic non-sense

Jan Garrard, Senior Lecturer at Deakin University’s School of health and Social Development explains why it’s crazy to slash bike infrastructure.

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New app sends riders concerns straight to government

The Bike Blackspot app, launched this week allows Melbourne riders to report road hazards, dangerous drivers and praise ‘cycling utopias’.

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A bright idea to make riders be seen and not harmed

Interaction designer Wouter Walmink has engineered a new style of helmet that not only lights up, but indicates when a rider is planning to brake or turn left or right.

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International news

Bike riders save UK health system over £442 million per anum

The UK’s National Cycle Network is encouraging people to get on their bikes, with huge benefit to the healthcare system, environment and economy.

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Man gaoled after hit and run with cyclist

A Saratoga business man and recovering alcoholic has been sentenced to three years in a US state prison and had his license permanently revoked after injuring a  rider.

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Canada calls for ‘complete streets’

A new report on Canadian road fatalities calls for better bike infrastructure and ‘community safety zones’ with reduced speed limits.

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