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Ride On digest

15 June, 2012

Links to the week’s top bike news.

Local news

Rally to bring back the Vic bike budget

Calling all Victorians: join the ‘Bike Budget – Bring it Back!’ rally, Victorian Parliament steps, 7.30-8.30am, Thursday 21 June.

Bike riders from across the age, ability and political spectrums will rally on the steps of Victoria’s Parliament House next week to demand the Baillieu Government bring back the bike budget.

Stand with us, we need your support to make sure the message gets through. As well as a large number of individuals, many groups and clubs are organising meeting points so riders can travel to the rally together.  Some local governments are also urging their staff to attend. Even high performance riders are changing training rides so they can be on the Parliament House steps in time to join the rally.

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Revealed: the real hazards on our roads are…

A clever piece about tolerance on Australian roads.

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Why bike riders should never pay rego

Bike rego is impractical, ineffective and a downright bad idea.

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BSC bikes goes bust

One of Melbourne’s leading bike stores closed suddenly on Tuesday night, losing out to online competitors.

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International news

Riders protest removal of Toronto bike lanes

Over 350 riders took to the streets urging the City Council to reverse its decision to remove bike lanes on one of the city’s main streets.

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Pre-Tour scandal

Champion racer Lance Armstrong has been formally charged with doping by the USADA. If found guilty he stands to lose his seven Tour de France titles.

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Go bananas

New research shows bananas are as good, if not better, than carbohydrate sports drinks.

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Dream team

Six amateur female cyclists have formed Team Rêve to take on the ultimate challenge: riding the Tour de France course a day ahead of the pelaton.

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