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Ride On digest

28 May, 2012

links to the week’s top bike news.

Local News

Ride to Work shows perseverance shows willing spirit

A new survey shows that 40% of riders who participated in last year’s National Ride to Work Day are still getting out on their bikes at least once a week.

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What’s the rush? Melbourne planner demands cyclist speed limit

Councillor Ken Ong has labeled bike riders “silent killers” and is calling for a 20km/h speed limit for cyclists in Melbourne’s CBD to be implemented with the proposed 40km/h limit for motorised vehicles.

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State trails in cycling safety

The state of Tasmania may be held liable for cyclists’ injuries incurred through road crashes after failing to provide safe riding infrastructure.

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Londoners encouraged to ride to work to ease Olympic traffic congestion

To avoid overcrowding on London’s public transport network during the Olympic Games, Londoners are being asked to cycle to work and employers are receiving help to make workplaces more bike friendly.

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60 students suspended for biking to school

Senior students from Kenowa Hills High School in Walker, Michigan have been suspended for participating in an organised bike ride to school, despite being accompanied by a police escort and the local mayor.

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Bike riders save US government $4.5 billion PA

The health and environmental benefits of bike riding are well known, and it’s one of the most cost effective transport options for individuals, but did you also know bikes have a big and positive impact on national economies?

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Why there’s no war between drivers and cyclists in the Netherlands

Mandatory bike education programs in Dutch schools are part of the secret for creating more harmonious roads.

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  1. Ann permalink
    28 May, 2012 5:29 pm

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