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Carte D’or (Car Door)

11 May, 2012

This email from a friend who was doored on Melbourne’s Brunswick Street, Ted Chrystal, offered a freshly-honed perspective on sharing the road. We thought it warranted being a ‘guest post’.

Saw a cartoon on back page of The Age today “Medieval dooring” (a castle drawbridge squashing a horse) – didn’t find it funny for some reason.

This is the only car door skit I find funny.

The Australian wine advert was made in the early 80s and was for a wine called ‘Carte D’or’. Manuel appears as a waiter who is asked for a bottle of Carte D’or, but does not understand what the customer is saying. After several attempts Manuel disappears saying “Si, si”. Out of sight the sound of wrenching metal is heard, and he returns with a door ripped off a car explaining, “See I bring you car door!”

Good News Week rant by Magda Szubanski taps into general public perceptions (of Beach road cyclists) pretty well, unfortunately.

Only on one point I do agree with her, about cyclists riding side by side on the road blocking it. I can’t understand why that’s actually legal.

The arrogant Beach Road cyclists and CBD bike couriers have a lot to answer for, as we commuter cyclists are tarred by the same brush.

Not so funny bicycle helmet cam footage

Some of the motorists comments below the clip are frightening too (especially the GroovinFunk one).

I will now be sticking to dedicated bike paths but only because of the lady that didn’t look when she opened her door on me on Brunswick Street (while I was riding in a designated bike lane) last Tuesday. The frame on my left leg and stitches come out Monday morning but may take little while until I’m back in saddle.

Unfortunately there is not enough space on Brunswick Street in the section between Johnson and Alexander Parade to avoid car doors if there is a tram or car coming past you.

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