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Wednesday Inspiration: Cars parked in bike lanes get crushed by a tank

10 August, 2011

Parking inspectors around the world are feeling inspired after the mayor of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius expressed his frustration over motorists parking in bicycle by driving an armoured personnel carrier over a Mercedes.

“I wanted to send a message,” Mayor Arturas Zuokas told the media. “I want to point out that if you have a car and more money it doesn’t mean that you can park it everywhere. Recently there’s been an increase in this type of parking violations, and it shows a lack of respect for others”.

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  1. Ian permalink
    16 August, 2011 4:18 pm

    Well it may seem to be the right thing to do, but beware, violence justs breeds more violence. The action taken was a crime in my view. The world is worse off by these sort of criminal acts. I won’t be visitinng Lithuania any time soon. I love bikes and ride every day to work and am ashamed that such an act is carried out in the name of bike riders.

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