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Get the kids active

11 June, 2011

Mention bike riding to kids and it instantly becomes a promise. Screen time doesn’t compare with the fun of two-wheeled adventure. It won’t be a long ride or an exercise session for the adults but there’s nothing like seeing a kid tear around on a bike to remember how much fun bike riding can be.

Photo by iStock

If you need a reminder of how much fun kids get out of it, have a look at this young fella who’s just mastered riding.

Tip – You can ride with kids on the footpath

It’s different in different states of Australia. In Tasmania, the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland, bike riders of all ages are permitted to ride on footpaths unless they are signed otherwise. In all other states, adults are not allowed to ride on footpaths by themselves but they can if they are accompanying a child who is under 12 and riding their own bike.

We have another post about the regulations governing riding on the footpath .

This post is for day 12 of Ride On‘s June riding challenge.

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