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Part way is OK

9 June, 2011

They call it multi-modal in transport planning lingo but those who do it just call it good sense. If you live miles from your work and it’s too far for you to ride, look at combining riding some of the way with public transport or driving.

Photo by On Track Images

More and more major train stations have bike storage cages at them to securely stow your bike while you’re gone. Parkiteer is a great system in Victoria. Check your local train stations and book yourself a spot in a cage.

Ride2School recognises that some kids live too far from their school and need help getting part way before riding the rest of the way. This gives kids exercise and a taste of independent travel and it also reduces traffic congestion around schools at peak hour pick up and drop off times.

Tip – Origami for bike riders

There’s an art to folding clothes for transporting by bike. Your careful ironing can be preserved if you master the technique described in this article.

Shirt fold

Illustration by Genna Campton

This post is for day ten of Ride On‘s June riding challenge.

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