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Cafe near or cafe far?

4 June, 2011

Sundays were made for bike riding, with expanses of time for exploration. An ever-popular destination to which to anchor your exploration is a cafe. For the caffeine fiend it delivers a necessary hit, for gastronomic explorers it might reveal a culinary treasure and for social butterflies it’s chance to see and be seen, or just have a good old chin wag. Have you ever calculated how many cafes are within your riding range? I know a great way to find out.

Step 1 – Choose your target Do you have a cafe in mind? If so skip to step 2. Otherwise, type your suburb and ‘cafe’ into Google. Click on the map and zoom out. Browse the options and click on ‘directions’ to get an idea of how far the ride is by road.

Step 2 – Plan the route When you have decided where to go, use Google maps to search for off-road options to that destination or your preferred on-road route. If you can represent your route on Google maps you could print it out. Alternatively you can print the map area and draw the route on yourself or use your phone to take a picture of the street directory page for your ride.

Step 3 – Make a date Organise your partner and/or friends to do the ride tomorrow.

Tip – Sunday saver tickets

Extend your range by taking the train. Melbourne and Sydney offer concession daily tickets for the entire greater metropolitan network and bikes travel free. Use the same steps as above to search for a cafe riding distance from the end of the train line.

This post is for day five of Ride On‘s June riding challenge.

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