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June riding challenge

20 May, 2011

After a wet May,  Ride On wanted to help riders keep pedalling through June.

Umbrella share

Every day of the month we posted articles with a bit of motivation and a tip or two to make riding appealing, easier and more fun. Here’s what we covered.

We want to hear from you too, whether it’s stuff you’ve learned or questions you would like answered. Sharing is great because our combined know-how holds the solutions we need. You can:

  1. leave comment at the bottom of any article on this blog
  2. comment on our Facebook page
  3. Tweet a micro-comment or link to a photo, blog or website naming @rideonmagazine in the tweet so we can find it, or
  4. email us.

Comments already shared has been collected on the Learned in June page. It’s a handy collection of winter riding tips.

To be notified of new articles posted you can become a fan of Ride On on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or RSS this blog feed via the link to the right.

From the people that bought you the Little Bike Bible: 356 tips to enjoy riding.

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