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The perfect portable repair kit

23 April, 2011

Keep it basic and compact and it’s easy to pack for most rides. Then when a mechanical does happen, you’re prepared.

Here’s what you need:

  • at least one spare tube for each size tyre for the bikes in the group
  • tyre levers
  • a hand pump
  • a patch kit (it in case you’ve got no choice but to patch on the spot)
  • a rag and/or latex gloves and/or some sachets of moist wipes (see tip below)
  • multi-tool or set of Allen keys
  • the right-size spanner for your wheel if it doesn’t have a quick release axle.

Fixing a flat and other mechanical issues can leave you with grubby hands. Either carry latex gloves to wear for the operation or stash some sachets of moist wipes, such as citrus wipes, in your repair kit.

You’re not especially likely to get a puncture, but it’s not a bad idea to practise replacing a tube at home before you go.

Need some pointers on planning a day ride? See Hit the road

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